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Data Network

Triple C Technologies LLC offers a variety of top of the line data networking options from which to choose, servicing South Carolina and surrounding clients as well as supplying products for customers nationwide. With a diversified portfolio of vendors supporting us, Triple C supplies you with the best products to upgrade or implement your network. Image of data ports By utilizing a leading group of vendors (Microsoft, Linux, etc.) combined with our expertise and knowledge, we develop a solution to meet your specific needs. Triple C's project managers take pride in their work while leading our experienced team of network consultants in creating a secure and dependable network solution. Nothing is left undone as our qualified team strives to provide you with everything necessary to get your network up and running quickly and efficiently.

Sometimes the ability to place network cable throughout a structure is not the best option or an option at all. That's why Triple C 's technicians have been trained to design and install wireless network solutions. Our skilled consultants will sit down with you, listen to your desires, and supply you with a wireless solution to meet your current and future needs.

To receive more information on our data services and products, contact us or request it online .