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Computer Forensics

Triple C has expanded its line with its latest in forensic services. Forensics is unsed in everyday life from home to business, whether tracking finances or web searches. Criminal intent or personal issues. With out forensic services we can help solve your inquiry needs. In addition we can provide you with the evidence you need to handle and HR resolution or a court apperance. This gives you the chance to relax and while certain responsibilities are assumed by our forensic team using the latest technologies and software to insure you needs are met.

Triple C's trained forensic technicians arrive at your location with all the necessary equipement to insure we gather the needed information. Our team may require removing your equipment to our location for better examinations or due to the length of the serch required. What ever the need, you can rest assured that Triple C forensic team will get to the bottom of your need with the appropriate answer and if there the evidence to support it. We provide you the security and communications to understand the process, the options and the solutions avalible to you and your company insuring you are in the loop as we tackle the task at hand.. Whether you are looking to just provide assurance of a clean and safe evironment or you are dealing with a hard fact that needs to be backed up with evidence Triple C can assist in helping you the criticle needs of forensics.

Triple C's brochure is available for viewing in PDF format. (note: file is approximately 1MB)