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Triple C Technologies LLC offers a robust line of infrastructure and cabling solutions. Focused primarily on Triple C's upstate South Carolina clients as well as the nearby areas, we work with you to resolve business technology concerns. Are your computers networked to allow quick data transactions to occur? If not, you need to take the necessary steps to realize the full potential of your business practices. By effectively cabling or re-cabling your building for data and voice networking, you increase the speed by which both data and voice transmissions can travel, thereby improving the speed by which your business functions. Is your existing network performing at its optimum level? Whether your infrastructure is new, old, or nonexistent, Triple C can help you establish, upgrade, and/or redesign your infrastructure.

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Is your infrastructure able to support the increasing need for more bandwidth? Perhaps you are looking for the next step in cabling, such as Cat5e or Cat6? Are you still dependent on the slow speeds of dial-up? Whether you want to use cable, DSL, fractional T1, full T1, or even T3, the proper network infrastructure must be built on a cabling standard and structure that allows increased bandwidth and smooth, continuous data flow. By networking your computers to allow for broadband Internet access, all of your employees can quickly find the crucial information that they need to serve your customers more efficiently and successfully.

Cable Installation Example

Voice cabling can be just as, if not more, important than data. A customer's first point of contact is often by phone, and if your system cannot handle the traffic or does not provide for the latest time-saving features, we can help you to design the type of voice network which will provide for all of your needs. Perhaps your current system meets your needs, but more lines need to be added to it. New lines, system expansions or upgrades, or a whole new system installation-we can do it for you.

If you aren't sure whether you need new cabling, Triple C can certify your existing cabling infrastructure to help you decide whether a cabling upgrade is necessary. Our certifying process will assist you in knowing whether your network can support the latest in bandwidth increasing technologies or VoIP (Voice over IP). Our qualified cabling consultants also provide the ability to remove abandoned cabling. Cabling no longer needed that remains in the ceiling, wall, or room can be extracted to clear up cluttered areas with our Abandoned Cable Removal service.

For more information, contact us to receive materials that further discuss how Triple C can improve your productivity.