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Triple C Technologies LLC Partners with Avanton Inc. to Offer Avanton’s Network Security Appliance

GREENVILLE, SC, November 12, 2004 – Triple C Technologies LLC (Triple C), a growing technology consulting firm which focuses on the security aspect of business-supporting technologies, announced its partnership with Avanton Inc., a network and data security firm which has begun distribution of the ReadyARM™ appliance.

The recent partnership provides Triple C with the capability to offer Avanton’s ReadyARM security capabilities to its clients who range from small- and medium-sized businesses to sizeable liberal arts universities. Allen Vailliencourt, COO of Triple C, states his confidence in the security product. “Many of our clients are in need of a single source for network and data security due to either protection or compliance. ReadyARM represents this single source and meets the need exceptionally well.”

With an MSRP of $9,995, Triple C can supply the ReadyARM appliance to businesses, whether they do or do not have a full-service network security department. The product’s security and monitoring services alert and report intrusion detection and scan and report vulnerabilities, enabling administrators to make certain their networks are secure and complying with the increasing amount of state and federal regulations, such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and more.

Beyond the single-source capability for security, ReadyARM’s aggressive pricing strengthens Triple C’s ability to offer excellent service that won’t be priced above its clients. “If a product can go above and beyond in meeting our clients’ needs, but maintains a price too high for many businesses, then that product is useless to us,” said Vailliencourt. “Avanton’s product offers premium security with pricing in our clients’ range.”

To ensure affordability by various types of businesses, Triple C has implemented several pricing plans, allowing flexibility on price without compromising on service. Options include solely purchasing the ReadyARM product, additional support services, and leasing alternatives.

Triple C Technologies LLC is a technology firm based in upstate South Carolina. Its focus on the security aspect of technology provides a unique benefit to its offering of services which include network and building security, networking, telecommunications, home enhancement, and structured cabling.

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