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Avanton ReadyARM™ Security Appliance

Security of your networks and computers is a top priority no matter the industry a business is in. What is needed is a single source for network security that can also maintain compliance with government acts such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. That source is here.

Introducing the Avanton ReadyARM™ security appliance. ReadyARM™ integrates security and network monitoring into one product. Alerts can be sent in real-time by email, text page, or instant message service. It's your choice. Reports can also be generated which analyzes and audits your network and provides you with critical information to use to better maintain your network's security.

Many companies are hesitant to such a solution due to two factors: cost and usability. ReadyARM™ is a product that's high on security but low on cost. Its price successfully places it within reach of small-to-medium businesses who need a security solution but can't afford the available offerings. ReadyARM's web interface makes usability a breeze. This product truly is a "plug and play" product with its installation of less than two hours.

To experience the benefits of ReadyARM™, contact us for a free demo.

Triple C can meet your needs through one of our three affordable plans:

  • Product Purchase -- Triple C provides you with the ReadyARM™ appliance for your IT staff to install and configure. Triple C's skilled technicians can install and configure the appliance for you if preferred.*
    *Additional fees may apply for technician installation and configuration.
  • Product Plus Service -- Triple C supplies the ReadyARM™ product with additional support, including maintenance, security management, monitoring, and reporting.
  • Leasing Plan^ -- If resources do not allow for initial purchase, a ReadyARM™ appliance can be leased through Triple C. All the service for an affordable monthly fee.
    ^Service Agreement Required.